•      During your consultation, we will discuss many things. We will discuss your vision, your thoughts and the emotion you want your Art to evoke. During the process, I will be very hands-on and your input is greatly appreciated to make sure your custom Art speaks to you.

  •      On-Site consultations. We will be discussing sizes, mediums, measuring the parameters of desired placement of your Artwork, and color themes.


       Varies on different factors:

  • Size- The bigger the Art, the more the price will increase. 

  • Framing vs No Framing- If you want your Art framed, it will cost a great deal more. Remember all pieces are best with custom frame. It protects and builds the value of your custom art. If you do not want your Art framed the price will be what was quoted originally.

  • Complexity- One of a kind custom Art takes time, creativity and focus. Upon your order you've placed. You will receive a scheduled start date and expected date upon completion.

  • Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil Pastels, Coloring Pencils, Graphite, and Charcoal- The time is takes to do all of the above and the complexity of design will determine price.

  • In addition, a Oil paintingtends to take longer to paint and dry, due to the amount of mixing and the combined mixing medium. Linseed standing oil is most used but it's completely optional, along with Matte medium. (Textured surface is also a option.) Upon completion of the painting. 2 to 3 days is expected for the painting to dry. Any final changes and etc, to a oil painting would result in a delay in drying.

  • Acrylic- tends to dry faster, in result giving the painting a much bolder look in color with a rough surface. (Textured, Size, Framing, and Matte medium is also optional.)

  • Watercolor- is water based. The option to have your painting as Opaque to Bold is also a option. Watercolor is normally painted on watercolor paper; in which, size and framing is completely optional.

  • Oil Pastels- is a soft oil wax crayon. This result in a bold finished piece that normally doesn't dry. (Strongly, suggest the piece to be framed or covered with plastic film to protect the final product.)

  • Coloring Pencil- All coloring pencil finished pieces are developed using Prismacolor for maximum richness and boldness. All finished pieces in this medium is completely optional. (framed, size, boldness, etc..)

  • Graphite- All finished pieces in this medium is completely optional. (Boldness- ranging from hardness of pencil to softest. 4H, 2H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, and 8B.) Size and framing is another option. (Strongly, recommend that finish piece is framed due to smearing and smudging.) Also, paper and the surface of the paper is taken into consideration.

  • Charcoal- is a lightweight dry carbon medium. The results are astonishing. Due to the fact; charcoal is fine and easy to apply, means it's easy to smear and wipe off. (Strongly suggest the finished piece is framed and cover with glass or a protected film.) Size is also optional.

  • For personalized portraits a deposit of 20% MUST be made in advance before piece is started. 

Upon completion of ALL final pieces. All Mediums from Paintings to Charcoal pieces will be treated with either clear coat varnish or Fixative clear coat to protect the finish product. In addition, if I create a custom piece for you. Please refer two people who are Art lovers and someone who appreciates custom Art.

Thanks Will